Why you should only purchase from Authorized Guardian Distributors

When you purchase from an Authorized Guardian Distributor like ourselves, you are guaranteed that you are receiving genuine, new, and warranty-covered Guardian Equipment products.

There may be some other sites out there offering Guardian's industry-leading line of eye washes, safety showers, safety stations and more at absurdly low prices, but use caution as these are not Authorized Distributors. Which means the goods are likely reconditioned, industrial surplus, used, damaged, old, out of warranty, counterfeit or otherwise not up to the quality that an Authorized Distributor like ourselves delivers.

When seconds count, do you really want your emergency equipment to be third-party used equipment with an unknown history? Or would you rather be assured that you have a genuine product?

By purchasing from a factory-authorized distributor like Safety Emporium, you are assured of receiving a genuine Guardian Equipment product backed by Guardian's full two-year warranty on their products. You also receive full support of both companies with respect to troubleshooting, product questions, and technical assistance. Is it worth giving all this up to save a couple bucks?

Just to make ourselves clear with one example: Amazon is NOT an Authorized Distributor, and there is no guarantee that the products Amazon merchants offer on their site are up to Guardian's standards. Good luck calling Amazon (try finding a phone number on their site) if you need a missing part, technical assistance, or have a warranty issue. You get what you pay for, and a race to the bottom on price is often a false economy.

In fact, Safety Emporium is not only a Guardian Equipment distributor, we are a Globally Authorized Trading Partner, which means we are authorized to sell their products worldwide. Customers worldwide can purchase Guardian products from us with the full confidence of receiving genuine goods, direct from the factory or our own location.