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The Safety Emporium Blog

High flow water valves!

Posted by The Safety Emporium Support Team on

We are now offering WaterSaver's high flow water valves which are designed for use on process and chilled water systems. They are available in several different configurations. The L4301 is the valve shown here:

New Products: Vacuum filtration adapters

Check out our new heavy-duty flared tool vacuum filtration adapter, item # CG-1052-A.  It's designed with a inner cone-shaped surface which mates cleanly and securely with our new neoprene filtration adapters, item # 24005.  

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New Product: Keck Clips

Keck clips are a vital tool in any lab that uses ground glass joints.  They will keep your assemblies together to avoid accidental breakage or disconnection without fear of scratching your glassware like metal clips, and they will allow dangerous pressure to release without the apparatus exploding.Our clips are available in 9 different color-coded sizes [...]

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New products: DILVAC Dewar Flasks

We're happy to announce that we now carry the DILVAC line of metal-cased borosilicate glass Dewar flasks. These are basically the heavy-duty laboratory version of a Thermos™ bottle, but are used for extremely low-temperature work involving liquid helium, liquid nitrogen, Dry Ice and the like. We have tall cylindrical models which are commonly used on [...]

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New product: Magnetic dishwasher signs!

Be sure to check out our newest product, Dishwasher Dirty/Clean Magnetic Signs (item # 00715) which come in a small and large size.  These clever magnetic signs have DIRTY written in red facing one way and CLEAN written in green facing the other way. Simply place one on your dishwasher and rotate the sign 180° to [...]

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New additions in Laboratory Glassware

A couple of new items to check out this week: We've added peptide synthesis vessels for all of our biologically-inclined customers. We now carry porcelain labware such as Büchner funnels and crucibles. We expanded our lineup of distillation equipment to include distillation columns such as Vigreux and vacuum-jacketed ones.

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Introducing LabTech Rotary Evaporators

We're excited to announce that we are now carrying the LabTech line of Rotary Evaporators.Rotary evaporators are critical pieces of equipment in synthetic organic, biochemistry, and organometallic laboratories. They are designed to rapidly strip solvent from a reaction mixture under reduced pressure. A constant heating bath ensures that the flask does not cool from the [...]

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