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Freeze Resistant

Guardian Equipment offers four different ways to protect your emergency eye/face wash, safety shower, or safety station from freezing during cold weather:

  • Buried valve units feature activation valves that the user installs below the local frost line and feature self-draining design.
  • Interior valve units are self draining and the activation valves are located within the heated envelope of the building.
  • A recirculating water design (G1941 and G1942 safety stations only) helps protect against freezing.
  • Electrically heated and insulated safety stations such as the GFR3100 series provide the ultimate protection against freezing.

Regardless of the design, we strongly recommend the purchase of a companion tempering valve to provide "tepid" water that will be comfortable to the user. Many safety protocols require users to shower for up to 15 minutes; using a standard shower supplied by a standard cold water line in wintertime could actually induce hypothermia under certain circumstances as well as cause the victim to discontinue first aid prematurely. We've seen it firsthand, folks, no kidding.  And this isn't just an upsell, either; not only does ANSI Z358.1-2014 suggest their use, many state and local plumbing codes require the use of tempering valves.