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  • A photograph of a 30 pound, standard flow, Badger Brigade B-30-PK cartridge operated fire extinguisher.

Badger Brigade B-30-PK Cartridge Operated Fire Extinguisher, 30 Pound, Standard Flow

Item #: 09710

Normal Availability: 1-2 business days

Product Description

Badger Brigade dry chemical extinguishers utilize a carbon dioxide (CO2) gas cartridge system so they are field-refillable (with proper training) and inspections can be made on every moving part. This extinguisher is used in industries where the occurrence or possibility of fire is high. These units are ideal for remote locations where smaller fires occur and on-the-spot-recharging is necessary. Typical applications include trucks, production line machinery, paint lockers and mining equipment.

Each Brigade model is fitted with a low maintenance swivel discharge nozzle to accommodate both right and left-handed operators. Each features a stainless steel cartridge guard and ring pin for extended life.  360° attachment welds on the steel cylinder ensure added strength and better corrosion resistance.  These units are UL Listed and USCG Approved (when equipped with the optional bracket) and come with a 12 year manufacturer warranty.

Purple-K is used to combat fires involving flammable liquids, gases and greases (Class B) including such fires when involved with energized electrical equipment (Class C). This agent is widely used in the petroleum industry and in other areas where the fire risk is high.

Purple-K is one of the most effective dry chemicals against Class B fires. It is a potassium bicarbonate-based material containing chemical additives. The resulting agent is free-flowing, water-repellant, non-abrasive and, when used as a fire extinguishing agent, will produce no toxic effects. Purple-K is violet in color to differentiate it from other dry chemical agents. Cleanup is readily accomplished with a vacuum cleaner or a broom and dust pan.

Purple-K is at least 4 to 5 times more effective in extinguisher applications than carbon dioxide and more than twice as effective as sodium bicarbonate-based extinguishers. This agent is approved or listed by nationally recognized testing laboratories and meets U.S. and Canadian government specifications. Caution: never mix this agent with phosphate-based dry chemicals. A chemical reaction will take place that is harmful to the extinguisher.

Replacement gas cartridges (item # 09727) and dry chemical refill agents are also available. The Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for the ABC dry chemical agent is available for download.

For a Hi-Flow version( 2.18 lb/s (0.99 kg/s)) see item # 09711.

The recommended bracket for this unit is Badger Model B30 (item # 09722).  Badger's specification sheet for 10, 20, and 30 lb Brigade models is available for download. 


Badger Model # B-30-PK
Badger Part # 466534
Agent 28.5 lb (12.93 kg) Purple-K
UL Fire Rating 120-B:C
Operating Temperature -40 to 120 °F (-40 to 48.9 °C)
Agent Flow Rate 0.98 lb/s (0.45 kg/s)
Discharge Time 26 to 31 seconds
Maximum Effective Range 15 to 35 ft (4.57 to 10.67 m)
Height 23.6" (59.94 cm)
Width 12.25" (31.12 cm)
Depth 7.2" (18.29 cm)
Shipping Weight 54.5 lb (24.72 kg)
US Coast Guard Classification Type B:C, Size III
Vehicle Brackets B-30 (see item # 09722)

Other Details

Manufactured in: Mexico

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