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  • A photograph showing the L4260-131WSA, L4260-132AWSA, L4260-132SWSA, L4260-133WSA, and L4260-134WSA.
  • A photograph showing the L4260-132SWSA which has two valves 180° apart.
  • A photograph showing the L4260-132AWSA which has two valves 90° apart.
  • A photograph showing the L4260-131WSA  which has one valve.
  • A photograph showing the L4260-133WSA which has three valves 90° apart.
  • A photograph showing the L4260-134WSA which has four valves 180° apart.

L4260-131 Series Laboratory Lift-To-Turn Gas Ball Valves w/ Deck Mounted Turrets

Item #: L4260-131

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Product Description

The WaterSaver Faucet Co.'s L4260 series laboratory ball valves have a spring-loaded handle that locks in the closed position. To open these valves, the user must lift while turning to unlock, a feature that prevents accidental activation. This safety feature is required for flammable gas service under certain plumbing codes (please check before ordering). These valves are designed for on/off control of natural gas only. This valve is certified for gas service by the American Gas Association (AGA) and the Canadian Gas Association (CGA) and is recommended for ADA-compliant applications. 

The following configurations are available:

  • L4260-131WSA - Turret with one L4260 valve.
  • L4260-132AWSA - Turret with two L4260 valves 90° apart
  • L4260-132SWSA - Turret with two L4260 valves 180° apart
  • L4260-132AWSA - Turret with three L4260 valves 90° apart
  • L4260-132AWSA - Turret with four L4260 valves 90° apart

The chrome-plated brass turret is furnished complete with a 3/8" NPT brass mounting shank, locknut and washer. The valve body and handle are forged brass with a polished chrome plated finish. The valve units features a quarter-turn open/close, a chrome-plated brass ball with molded TFE seals, and removable ten-serration hose end that varies in diameter from ~1/2" down to 5/16".  The L4260CV version includes an internal floating check to prevent back flow into gas system, and may be required under your local plumbing codes (please check before ordering).

NOTE: These valves are available for natural gas or other burning gas service only; use with other gases is not supported/recommended by WaterSaver. For use with other gases, select the L4200-131 series valves which are similar but lack the life-to-turn feature. To special order these valves for use with propane (black handle and a pink index button), please contact us.

Each unit is fully assembled and factory tested prior to shipment. 

Installation guidelines are available on-line. The specification drawings for the L4260-131WSA are available as a PDF file.

Other mounting options include wall mounted (L4260-158 series), and wall/panel/overhead mounted (L4260-141 series). The L4260 valve is also available singly.


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Manufactured in: USA

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