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Ansul ML-I-30-G Class D Met-L-Kyl Red Line Cartridge Extinguisher, 30 lb

Item #: 09740

Availability: 2 weeks

Product Description

Ansul's ML-I-30-G Class D Red Line Cartridge Extinguisher is charged with Met-L-Kyl®, a sodium bicarbonate-based dry chemical specially designed for suppressing fires involving most metal alkyls (pyrophoric liquids which ignite on contact with air) such as triethylaluminum.

Caution: MET-L-KYL DRY CHEMICAL SHOULD NOT BE USED ON FIRES INVOLVING COMBUSTIBLE METALS such as magnesium, sodium, potassium and sodium-potassium alloy (Nak). Its use would cause an already intense combustible metal fire to burn even more violently. 

Ansul Red Line dry chemical extinguishers utilize a gas cartridge system so they are field-refillable (with proper training) and inspections can be made on every moving part. This extinguisher is used in industries where the occurence or possibility of fire is high. Given the heavy weight of this unit, previous customers have recommended using the 09800 Heavy Duty Dolly Cart with this extinguisher.

Ansul's specification sheet for handheld 5, 10, 20, and 30 lb Red Line models is available for download. Red Line handheld features include:

  • 3 piece, welded steel dry chemical tank.
  • Forged aluminum handle designed for easy carrying.
  • Cast aluminum cartridge receiver with stainless steel insert.
  • Large 3-inch opening for fast and easy recharging.
  • Manufacturer's limited 5 year warranty.
  • Bracket is not included - order separately.

The Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for Met-L-Kyl is available for download. Refill agent is sold in 50-lb pails as item # 09453. Refill gas cartridges are item # 09755.


Ansul Model #


Ansul Part # 418291
UL Rating N/A
US Coast Guard Classification N/A
Discharge Time 19 seconds
Maximum Effective Range 8 ft. (2.4 m)
Charged Weight (with agent) 54.5 lb. (24.7 kg)
Height 22.5" (57.2 cm)
Width 11.1 in. (28.3 cm)
Depth 8.0 in. (20.3 cm)
Shell O.D. 7.0 in. (17.5 cm)
Hose I.D. 0.6 in. (1.6 cm)
Hose Length 35.6 in. (90.5 cm)
Vehicle Brackets 14098 (standard), 30889 (heavy duty)


Application Note:  Initial application of MET-L-KYL dry chemical extinguishes the flame and continued application adsorbs the remaining fuel and prevents reignition. With this method, 10 pounds of triisobutylaluminum and 10 pounds of tri-n-propylaluminum, both in depth, were extinguished using 80 pounds of MET-L-KYL dry chemical applied from 350 pound capacity wheeled extinguishers. Ten pounds of triethylaluminum in a spill and in depth were extinguished using 100 pounds and 80 pounds of MET-L-KYL dry chemical applied from 30 pound capacity extinguishers. MET-L-KYL dry chemical caused a slight decomposition of the triethylaluminum during application, but this did not hinder extinguishment.

The ratio of pounds of MET-L-KYL dry chemical to pounds of any one of the three trialkylaluminums used ranged from 8:1 on fires in depth to 10:1 on spill fires. Quite a bit of the dry chemical was carried away by the fire’s updraft during the initial flame extinguishing phase. This accounts for the large amount needed for complete extinguishment.

Other Details

Manufactured in: USA

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