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  • A photograph of a 10 mL CG-1259-03 Dean-Stark moisture test distilling receiver w/ overflow tube and 24/40 joints.

Dean-Stark Moisture Test Distilling Receivers w/ Overflow Tube

Item #: CG-1259

Normal Availability: 1-2 business days

Product Description

Dean-Stark traps are a clever distillation receivers that can determine the moisture content of materials, typically through azeotropic distillation. As the material co-distills, it separates into two immiscible layers with the denser water layer settling at the bottom of the graduated receiver. This model features an overflow tube between the uptake tube and receiver; for a classic version see item # CG-1258.This model can be used with ASTM Method D-95 along with similar ASTM methods.  For a version that works with co-distillates that are heavier than water, see item # CG-1266

Another use of Dean-Stark apparatuses is for removing water from reaction mixtures as it is formed. Item #'s CG-1264 and CG-1265 are equipped with stopcocks to remove accumulated water so the process does not need to be interrupted to empty the trap.

The 10 mL size has subdivisions of 0.1 from 0 to 2 mL, and 0.2 from 2 to 10 mL. The 25 mL size has subdivisions of 0.1 from 0 to 2 mL and 0.2 from 2 to 25 mL. This clever tapered designs allows one to use one apparatus to cover a fairly wide range of volumes compared to traditional versions with a linear receiver scale.

The overall height of the 10 mL units is approximately 250 mm and the 25 mL unit is approximately 330 mm high.  The overall width of the 14/20 model is approximately 80 mm and the 24/40 models are approximately 90 mm wide.

Other Details

Manufactured in: USA

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