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  • Photograph of Ohaus Anti-Theft Security Device for Devices w/ Integrated Security Slots attached to a device.
  • Photograph of Ohaus Anti-Theft Security Device for Devices w/ Integrated Security Slots.

Ohaus Anti-Theft Security Device for Devices w/ Integrated Security Slots

Item #: H-80850043

Normal Availability: 2-3 business days

Product Description

The Ohaus 80850043 antitheft security device fits Ohaus balances with a security slot. One end of the plastic-coated metal cable fits in the integrated security slot and locks with the included key. The other end features a fixed loop that can itself be locked or one can loop the locking end of the cable through the loop for a one-lock solution.

This device is compatible with the following electronic balance models: AX124, AX124/E, AX1502, AX1502/E, AX1502N/E, AX2201/E, AX2202, AX2202/E, AX2202N/E, AX223, AX223/E, AX223N/E, AX224, AX224/E, AX224N, AX324, AX4201, AX4201/E, AX4202, AX4202/E, AX4202N/E, AX422/E, AX423, AX423/E, AX423N, AX423N/E, AX5202, AX523, AX523/E, AX523N/E, AX622, AX622N/E, AX8201, AX8201/E, AX8201N/E, AX822/E, EX10201, EX10201N, EX10202, EX10202N, EX1103, EX1103N, EX124, EX124/AD, EX125, EX125D, EX2202, EX2202/E, EX223, EX223/E, EX224, EX224/AD, EX224N, EX224N/AD, EX225/AD, EX225D, EX225D/AD, EX324, EX324/AD, EX324N, EX324N/AD, EX4202, EX4202/E, EX4202N, EX423, EX423/E, EX423N, EX6201, EX6201/E, EX6202, EX6202/E, EX623, PR2201N/E AM, PR2202N/E AM, PR323N/E AM, PR5202N/E AM, PR523N AM, PR523N/E AM, PR6201N/E AM, PR822N/E AM, PX124 AM, PX124/E AM, PX1602, PX1602/E, PX163 AM, PX163/E AM, PX2201, PX2201/E, PX2202 AM, PX2202/E AM, PX224 AM, PX224/E AM, PX225D AM, PX3202 AM, PX3202/E AM, PX323 AM, PX323/E AM, PX4201 AM, PX4201/E AM, PX4202 AM, PX4202/E AM, PX523, PX523/E, PX84 AM, PX84/E AM, PX85 AM, SJX1502N/E, SJX323N/E, SJX6201N/E, SJX622N/E, SKX1202 AM, SKX123 AM, SKX2201 AM, SKX2202 AM, SKX222 AM, SKX421 AM, SKX422 AM, SKX6201 AM, SKX621 AM, SKX622 AM, SKX8200 AM, SPX1202 AM, SPX123 AM, SPX2201 AM, SPX2202 AM, SPX222 AM, SPX223 AM, SPX421 AM, SPX422 AM, SPX6201 AM, SPX621 AM, SPX622 AM, SPX8200 AM, STX1202 AM, STX123 AM, STX2201 AM, STX2202 AM, STX222 AM, STX223 AM, STX421 AM, STX422 AM, STX6201 AM, STX621 AM, STX622 AM, STX8200 AM.

It is also compatible with the following moisture analyzer models: MB120 AM, MB23 AM, MB27 AM, MB90 AM.



WARNING: OHAUS products can expose you to chemicals including the chemicals listed in this Table, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

These and other Proposition 65 chemicals may be present only in residual amounts, or contained internally in OHAUS equipment, or encapsulated in another material where exposure is unlikely or negligible. This warning is being provided out of an abundance of caution.

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