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  • A photograph of an L4100-158WSA (top) and L4100-158FT (bottom).
  • A photograph of an L4100-158WSA Laboratory Gas Ball Valve with the mounting shank.
  • A photograph of an L4100-158FT Laboratory Gas Ball Valve.

L4100-158 Series Laboratory Gas Ball Valves, Panel Mounted

Item #: L4100-158

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Product Description

The WaterSaver Faucet Co.'s L4100-158 series fixtures are designed for mounting on vertical surfaces such as walls, pipe chases, and service panels. They feature a single L4100 ball valve designed for on/off control of compatible laboratory gases, liquids, and vacuum at pressures up to 75 PSI. If needed, the valve may be specially cleaned, lubricated and packaged for pure gas service (tick the checkbox when ordering). These valves are certified for gas service by the American Gas Association (AGA) and the Canadian Gas Association (CGA) and are recommended for ADA-compliant applications.

This valve is available in two configurations:

  • The L4100-158WSA has a 3/8" IPS mounting shank, locknut and washer and is designed for installation were there is access behind the wall during installation.
  • The L4100-158FT has a 3/8" NPT female inlet and is designed for installation where there is no access behind the wall during installation. The flange is threaded onto a nipple stubbed out from the wall and then the threaded escutcheon is then backed up to the wall to secure the valve and conceal the pipe.

The valve body and handle are forged brass with a polished chrome plated finish. The valve unit features a quarter-turn open/close, a chrome-plated brass ball with molded TFE seals, and a color-coded index disc (specify gas being used when ordering). The inlet is 3/8" NPT male and the outlet has a non-removable seven-serration hose end that varies in diameter from ~1/2" down to 5/16". We generally recommend the L4200-158 series valves which are identical except the hose ends are removable, making the L4200 much more versatile than the L4100.

The valves also have a plastic index disc indicating the type of service the valve is used for. Standard options include air, carbon dioxide, cold water, deionized water, distilled water, gas, hot water, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, and vacuum (replacement buttons are available as item # Lbutton). Additional indexing options are also available. If you select hydrogen or oxygen as your index button, the valve(s) must be specially cleaned and the system will automatically add the fee for that to the price of the valve.

Each unit is fully assembled and factory tested prior to shipment. 

Installation guidelines are available on-line. The specification drawings for the L4100-158WSA and L4100-158FT are available as PDF files.

Note 1Some jurisdictions require the use of the L4160 series valves for flammable gas use. The L4160 valve requires the user to lift the handle in order to turn it, preventing accidental activation. We do not have the L4160 permutations on-line, but if you need them, simply contact us. They are only a few dollars more than the L4100. For an example of what these look like, see the L4260 series valves.

Note 2: These valves are not for use with steam. For low-pressure steam valves see item # L2890.

 Other mounting options include deck mounted (L4100-131 series), and wall/panel/overhead mounted (L4100-141 series).

FOR LABORATORY USE ONLY - These faucets are not suitable for potable drinking water as they are made of brass which may have traces of lead. 

Other Details

Manufactured in: USA

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