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  • A photograph of an Amerex B270NM 1.75 gallon water mist extinguisher (left) next to the Amerex B272NM 2.5 gallon model (right).
  • The MR conditional label for these units stating the extinguisher has been tested for MR systems of 11.7 Tesla or less.
  • A photograph showing a side oblique view (top) and end oblique view (bottom) of the recharge adapter (sold separately).
  • A photograph of a single container of the Amerex Model 670 deionized water charge.
  • A photograph of a single container of the Amerex Model 671 deionized water charge.
  • A photograph of a 1.75 gallon Amerex Model 270NM non-magnetic fire extinguisher.
  • A photograph of a 2.5 gallon Amerex Model 272NM non-magnetic fire extinguisher.

Amerex 100% Non-Magnetic Stored Pressure De-ionized Water Mist Fire Extinguishers

Item #: 09660

Normal Availability: 1-3 business days

Product Description

These Amerex water mist units are the ultimate extinguisher for Class A fires and where a potential Class C (electrical) hazard exists. The fine spray from the unique misting nozzle provides safety from electrical shock (honest!), greatly enhances the cooling and soaking characteristics of the agent and reduces scattering of the burning materials. Unequivocally the best extinguisher for protection of hospital environments, valuable books and documents, telecommunication facilities and clean room manufacturing facilities. These extinguishers are easy to use and less costly to maintain and service than many Halon alternatives.

These units are 100% non-magnetic including the pull pin and wall hanger and have been tested for use to 11.7 Tesla in MRI scanners, NMR machines and other strong magnetic fields (Note: insurance carriers may require non-magnetic extinguishers in these locations). Most folks prefer the Model B272NM (2.5 gallon) for its larger capacity and because it is Coast Guard rated when used with a rated bracket (the nameplate now reads B272CG, but it is still non-magnetic).

Technical note: The 2018 edition of NFPA 99 at states "Nonferrous-type fire extinguishers shall be provided in MRI rooms and associated spaces." At it further states "Clean agent or water-mist type fire extinguishers shall be provided in operating rooms" and in A. "Dry chemical fire extinguishers should not be provided in operating rooms. The clean agent extinguishers selected should have a Class A rating of some form."  Finally, at NFPA states "Clean agent-type fire extinguishers shall be provided in telecommunication entrance facilities and telecommunication equipment rooms.

For those who prefer a non-water extinguisher, a 100% non-magnetic CleanGuard extinguisher is also available (item # 09626-13NM) as is a Badger 100% non-magnetic CO2 extinguisher (item # 09663).

These units ship empty and need to be charged with deionized water (purchase separately) and then pressurized with nitrogen gas (not air) using an AD36 pressurization charge adapter (also sold separately).  When ordering water charges, keep in mind that water weighs about 8.34 lbs (3.78 kg) per gallon (3.75 liters), so a set of 2.5 gallon water charges weighs approximately 42 lb!


  • 5 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Stored Pressure Design
  • Stainless Steel Cylinders
  • Durable High Gloss Polyester Powder Paint
  • All Metal Valve Construction
  • Exclusive Crevice Free, Butt Welded Cylinder
  • Non-toxic - Causes no Respiratory Problems
  • De-ionized Water Extinguishing Agent (sold separately)
  • Sanitary White Paint Finish (easy to clean); polished stainless steel by special order.
  • No Powder Residue
  • Wand Provides Greatest Operator Safety
  • Large Loop Stainless Steel Pull Pin
  • Maximum Visibility During Discharge
  • No Electrical Conductivity Back to the Operator
  • No Thermal or Static Shock
  • Minimal Training - Simplest to use
  • Most Economical Agent Available
  • Bar Coded and Bi-lingual Labels
Amerex Model # B270NM B272NM
UL Rating 2A:C
Capacity 1.75 gallons (6.6 liters)) 2.5 gallons (9.5 liters))
Shipping Weight (empty) 7 lb (3.2 kg) 8 lb (3.6 kg)
Height 19" (48 cm) 24.5" (62 cm)
Height w/ Hose Installed 24.5" (62 cm) 27.5" (70 cm)
Width 11" (28 cm)
Depth 7" (17.8 cm)
Discharge time 72 seconds 80 seconds
Discharge range 10 to 12 feet (3.0 to 3.7 m)
Operating temperature range 40 to 120 °F (4 to 49 °C)
Bracket Included Non-magnetic wall
Coast Guard Approved No Yes

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